The miracles of Life, Earthbound and Pharmaceuticals

The last 36 hours have been some of the most amazing of my life.

1. My blog was linked on boing boing

2. My best friend's boyfriend called me up to tell me that he got me a copy of EARTHBOUND! One of the rarest and most fantastic SNES RPG ever, and also a huge part of my childhood as I played it frequently for 8 years. I once owned two copies of the game, but my mom gave them away without thinking, but now I have it again and I am so stoked!!! I don't even have a SNES.

3. I got called at 12am this morning to be with my friend while she had her baby. I have never known anyone well enough who's had a baby yet so this was the first one I was there for. I was incredibly honored to be allowed to watch and film the baby's birth for them. It was the most inspiring and beautiful thing I have ever seen. I was holding the camera and tears were just streaming down my face when the baby came out. I was overwhelmed. It was awesome. I will never forget that.

4. I had a doctor's appointment this afternoon for the first time in about 5 years. I was prescribed Lexapro, an anti-depressant/anti-anxiety medication. I have been living on a "sub-function" level for sometime and I look forward to feeling better. I'm aprehensive though as there are a lot of "cons" associated with anti-depressants. I will likely blog about my experience with pharmaceuticals.

SO there are the awesome things I experienced in the last 36 hours.


Joie said...

Hi there!

Bump with your site thru BlogHer. :)
Happy to know that you are having a great day..:D And i think that it's so cool that your site was being linked by Boing Boing. :)

Hope you could visit and join the online community for women at http://forums.her-desk.com and share your thoughts there, and most importantly, make friends with other women around the world.. ;)

Hope to see you there!

Nate said...

Congratulations on the BoingBoing link! That gives you a huge boost! And you have a lovely blog which deserves it. (Now steer him my way, would you?)

As for the SNES game - I bet you could download an emulator and the game and play it on your computer. And as you own a physical copy of the game in question, it should even be legal.

And let us know how the Lexapro thing works out. I've been wrestling with mood disorders my whole life and always wondered if it might be worth giving something a try.

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