Freaking OUT right now.

Oh man, I cannot believe it! You can't believe it. I bet you, reading this right now, were led here by and his Boing Boing Article about his new book Rule the Web! I have never been so honored. It proves true that the MOST IMPORTANT thing about blogging is link to everyone you can because someday they might return the favor. Even if you have 2 readers. Just Link. I'm still kind of in shock. I've been blogging for a week. My blog was on Boing Boing!!

Ok take a deep breath.... now blog.

It is really proof of how amazing the web really is. I didn't tell Mark I linked to him, I didn't ask him to link back, I just did it because it's the right thing to do. He can track who links to his blog, and in turn link them. I just picked up his book because I am a budding geek and really wanted to learn everything I can about the web and all of the amazing things it can do. If you have a well-established blog, or are a geek and have been for a while I bet you can remember a time in your youth when you discovered what the internet was, and when you realized what it meant for you, remember when you transitioned from a non-specific outcast to a Geek. whether you were 10 or 30, you likely remember this turning point in your life. I feel like I am there right now. It is just so amazing.

If you are where I am right now then I highly recommend Mark's book; It is everything you need to graduate from novice to apprentice or even from apprentice geek to journeyman geek: geek in your own right.

Thanks to everyone who has commented and I really hope my blog entertains and inspires you.

Most especially thank you Mark for linking my blog.