Making time to blog

Well I just started playing Diablo 2 and I am a little addicted right now! It is really fun and fairly straight-lined game play which I like. I refuse point-blank to begin playing World of Warcrack... um.. that is World of Warcraft I mean, sure I considered jumping on the MMORPG bandwagon, but seriously, how much of my life to I want sucked away by a stupid game?!? There are 6 million people who play WOW and 70% of the people I know play regularly. Diablo 2 is like the gateway into warcraft, it's less time consuming, easier by far, but still has enough game-play variety to foreshadow what one can expect from games like WOW. Diablo is to WOW like pot is to crack. I'm not saying I am going to be diving right into WOW when I lose interest in Diablo 2, but at least by playing Diablo 2 now if I ever do decide to cave to the peer pressure to play WOW, I will be better prepared.

As I am standing on the threshold of Geek, so too am I on the threshold of Gamer. I LARP (live action role playing), I play a Dungeons & Dragons table-top game, and now I play Diablo 2. I'm not hardcore by any stretch of the imagination, but I am diversified and expanding my skills in the gaming world. I am becoming a gamer because I like hanging out with gamers. Similarly I don't party because I don't like hanging out with 'partyers.' But to be able to carry on a conversation with a gamer you have to know the jargon. I tried to find a good site with all the jargon Gamers use (especially the cross-over types I kick it with who play MMORPGs, LARP, card, dice, etc.) which all have separate but similar jargon, if anyone knows a good resource for a broad umbrella of gamer jargon, please let me know... So to learn the jargon and understand the conversations, one must immerse themselves into the games. It is a fascinating sub-culture.

More important than blogging or gaming is real life. Jobs, boyfriends, social lives, family and your health should all come before blogging and gaming, but it is really easy to get caught up and forget to prioritize. Gamers frequently lose jobs and girlfriends because there life IS the game. It is a dangerous hobby that can easily overwhelm. The risk makes it all the more fun though. :)