Google wins in 9 out of 10 categories!

So I explored a bit of advice from the book mentioned below, and decided to check out just how much better Google is than Yahoo (as I am using blogger and have a gmail account already). I discovered that all of my Yahoo e-mail's can be sent to my gmailbox. Also that Google reader far surpassed my mail beta client for RSS feeds. Got back to my "igoogle" which had been dormant for a while.

I'm slightly disappointed in google on this though; I mean come on.... IGOOGLE!?! can we be more trendy and cliche? (ipod, itunes, imac, ibook MAC MAC MAC) I suppose they were having copyright issues with using 'my'google, but they could have spent more time coming up with something creative like yoogle! I must applaud google for jumping onto the 'i' bandwagon. They even used the lowercase i! They could have been IGoogle but NOOO they had to add insult to injury by using a lowercase i! Grr.

In other news: Well, there actually is no other news.