A first step and something of a roadmap

A couple of things inspired this blog.

The first of which was a book; Rule The Web by Mark Frauenfelder. I was inspired by his book to do more with the time I waste on this computer then stumbling forever through the endless abyss that is cyberspace. A lot of what he wrote about was things I was already doing: using firefox, good emailing, flash games, music sharing etc., but the one thing I didn't really have a grip on yet was a good and true blog.

As the book inspired me to learn how to publish my words here on the wide and wonderful web I immediately Googled "how to blog" and found how to blog by tony pierce, 110. It is an incredible resource for anyone who is a bit overwhelmed by the idea of blogging.

So here are the guidelines I am adapting from his site for my blog.

1. don't let people you know read your blog.

2. Write all the time

3. Be open, forthright, and honest. Be true to yourself

4. Link blogs

5. Lose all apprehension.

Every journey begins with the first step; a fitting cliche because this is my first step and I have no idea where I am going to end up.

So there it is. The beginnings of what may suck, or may thrive but no matter what it is mine.


Katie Konrath said...

Hi Julia, welcome to blogging! What do you plan to blog about?

Anonymous said...

Blogging is sort of addictive once you start. :D Welcome to the "Blogosphere"

anonymouscoworker said...

Not many people get boingboinged on their first blog post. Congrats!

Mad Cow said...

Can't wait to read your blog-thoughts. Have fun!

Antua said...

Yeah, welcome to the blogging. Hope to read more from you!

mk said...

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