Things Idiots Do

This post is especially about idiots. I am not an idiot; I try not to associate with people I know to be idiots. The notable exception to this rule is when I am working. I work at two jobs; the first is as a bookseller and barista at the big-name bookstore in my area, the other is at a corporate restaurant as a hostess. Hosting doesn't give me much interaction with people for them to show their true idiocy, but cashiering (as anyone who has done it can attest to) is chock full of idiot encounters.

Here is a list of stupid things idiots do:
1. Signing the magnetic strip on the credit card as opposed to the signature strip below the magnetic one.

2. Leaving wallets in vehicles.

3. Stand in line and wait while your 4 children are running around the store so that when it is your turn you have to make everyone else wait while you gather them to get their books.

4. Writing checks. I know checks are important for some things, but when it's mothers day weekend and there are 25 people behind you, pull out the plastic for god's sake. It is a retail fact that it takes 5 times longer to write a check then to use a debit card.

That's all that are jumping immediately to mind; there are more though I promise. I will try to finish the list tomorrow. Also I believe I will be working the evening of the 7th Harry Potter book's release and will most certainly have a multitude of anecdotes and idiot-lists then!


Anonymous said...

I don't know if you were trying to make us LOL? I sure got a kick out of your post today.

a creature from the deep... said...

hahaha as a fellow cashier, i totally know the feeling! your post made me smile, thanks!

amy (via blogher)