Dice of Doom

So, today I got to dig through about 500 miscellaneous dice at a gaming store. Every color and design imaginable and all kinds of numbers. Here's a list of what i got!

  • two d6 (six-sided die) that are red w/white and yellow w/ black pips but what makes them extraordinary is that instead of six they have a star! I heart stars, they're awesome
  • 3 d6 that are a swirly metallic bluey purple with silver numbers
  • 3 d6 that are a swirly blue metallic with silver numbers
  • 3 d6 that are swirly teal metallic with silver numbers
  • one d8 that I bought to be the 'life' of my D&D Druid. it's cloudy, swirly metallic blue/green/black with silver numbers
  • This cosmic D4 that isblue/purple/red/orange/black swirly with silver numbers
  • lastly a very nondescript d20 which is white (ish) with black numbers, but what makes this one stand out is that it has an unusually high roll average. It's just impeccably lucky i think.
So there you have it, I confess, I am a geek and a gamer. I get all excited about dice and vampires. It's just fun and i wanted to blog about it.