We Interrupt this blog for kitty hilarity!

[for kitten pictures see bottom of this post; funny stuff 1st, cuteness later]

Last night we hooked up our new(ish) DVD player to our very old console TV that sits on the floor. It has a screen saver that bounces around the screen and changes color when the movie is paused. Well last night while our movie was paused, my cat, Whisper, became curious about the mysterious yet patterned movement on the screen. He simply sniffed it once then proceeded to keep a close eye on it's activity from a distance. (he's the more cautious type) Then my other cat, Mouse, decided it looked interesting as well and went to do his own investigating. He decided that he could easily catch whatever was 'crawling' on the screen and leaped at the screen and tried to nab the screen saver. But did the glass hinder this young and adventurous cat? Oh no, he continued his failing attempts at catching said screen saver for about 15 wildly entertaining minutes which my fiancee and I found to be as entertaining as the movie if not more.

For any who is interested; here are a few choice cat pics. Mouse is the tuxedo and Whisper is the long haired black.
mouse with an easter bunny/lamb

Whisper always finds the best spot!

Mouse, Probably planning how to best kill whisper! [it's his favorite game!!!]

Yay for kitties!