List of Lists

A List of lists to write:

1. Movies to see/buy
2. Books to read/buy
3. Things to knit
4. things to blog about
5. Places to visit
6. Dishes to cook
7. Music I love
8. TV shows that SUCK
9. Reasons to do things
10. Reasons not to do things
11. Things to Sell
12. Things to buy
13. Ways to be green
14. Ways to appear green
15. Costumes for Halloween
16. Favorite Games
17. Favorite Magazines
18. New music
19. Videos to Download
20. Things...just things.


101 in 1001 Project

My 1001 Days Project

Begin: 9-5-2007

End: 6-2-2010

Mission: Complete the following 101 Goals in 1001 Days.

1. Stop drinking Caffeine

2. Read 50 books (for the first time) (13/50)

3. Get 1001 Dollars in my savings account

4. Be Debt Free

5. Make a list of books TO read

6. Master 10 new dishes to cook (with at least one breakfast, lunch, dinner and desert)

7. Choose a 4 year school

8. Travel to Colorado

9. Travel to Tucson

10. Get to 18 BMI

11. List 101 things that make me happy

12. Go one week without purchasing ANYTHING!

13. Read 101 Books (28/101)
14. Keep track of which books I have read.

15. Go a week without any TV, computer, Mp3 Player, cell phone,

16. Go a week without eating out.

17. Grow a plant (keep it alive)

18. Go to church once a month (1/1)

19. Give a dollar to charity for every item on the list that is left undone by deadline

20. Start from scratch on 6-3-2010

21. Take back all library books and pay all fines (llcc returned on 11/30)

22. Read and/or give away all of the books that I own. (Leave no book unread)

23. Wax my legs/eyebrows/bikini

24. Donate blood

25. Conquer my depression

26. Conquer my ADD

27. Sing Karaoke

28. Get a new (ish) car with good gas mileage

29. Have a professional portrait taken

30. Finish the 101 list! (10/1/07)

31. Build a PILL HABIT

32. Take one Yoga Class

33. Take one dance class

34. take one Martial Arts class

35. Have all 8 pagan rituals

36. have at least 3 full and new moon rituals

37. Organize and index all the paper

38. Complete a Julia101 list

39. Complete 101 affirming future descriptions of me.

40. Build a great blog

41. Develop a morning routine

42. wear a foofy formal dress and tennis shoes for shits and giggles.

43. Build and maintain a functioning altar

44. maintain a 3.5 or better GPA

45. Visit the lincoln museum

46. defeat my stage fright

47. Make a website Link index and compendium

48. Build a book of shadows or grimoire

49. Join a book Club

50. Keep my email tidy

51. Volunteer

52. Go to a concert

53. Vote in the presidential election

54. Go to Gen-con

55. Go to burning man

56. go to a festival

57. go to a ren-faire

58. Write AND MAIL a letter a month

59. Complete a Knitted Project (Kitty Rib Hat 09/2008)

60. Clean up Mp3 player

61. Play WOW to Lev 70

62. Build a master address book

63. Visit Grandma

64. Write an article (Lamp in October 07)

65. Keep track of 101 days worth of food and events.

66. Gamble at a casino

67. Get a scholarship

68. Keep track of all bank transactions

69. Cook one day a week (2/4)

70. Write a review for 15 books

71. Work out at least once a week (1/4)

72. Build and maintain better organization

73. Define values

74. Write a letter to a congressman

75. Buy a nice Laptop

76. Talk to eg once a week

77. Learn to live within my means

78. Repair my credit

79. Write 101 letters

80. Read 10 non-fiction books (completely read!) (9/50)

81. Learn to manage and balance time more effectively

82. Learn conversational Spanish

83. Visit the Pacific Ocean.

84. Learn to enjoy sex!

85. Go canoeing

86. Hand make a Christmas and/or birthday present.

87. Sell something I craft

88. Make 101 collages (2/101)

89. Win something

90. Watch 50 movies I haven’t seen (25/50)

91. Make a list of movies to see

92. Set up a permanent sewing/craft space

93. Walk for charity

94. Take the ACT

95. Take better care of the kittens

96. Learn some grandma recipes

97. Buy (and eat) more fresh fruits and vegetables.

98. Eat less refined sugars and corn syrup.

99. Get rid of unused junk that clutters my life.

100. Start something

101. Finish what I start.


Review: Rihanna's Good Girl Gone Bad- Reloaded

I bought a new CD the other day.

Good Girl Gone Bad Reloaded by Rihanna

I am enjoying it a lot. There is a nice blend of upbeat dance tunes and chill out ballads.
Favorite Track: Disturbia
Least Favorite Track: Take a Bow

Rating 4.5/5.0 (points deducted for lumping all the slow tracks together)