Last Published....

The dreaded and terrifyingly disabling phrase that lingers on top of my dashboard...Last Published....A LONG ASS TIME AGO....which translates to; "How come you keep blogging about how you're going to blog more and NEVER do it!?! " which makes me wonder what I am even doing back here in the first place.

I have no illusions of grandeur that make me think my words are somehow more powerful or more delightful than those of all of the millions (dare I say billions) of blogs out there. It is unlikely that my blog will spark a following of millions or even hundreds of readers. There is not going to be a book inspired by my blog. Publishers won't be banging down my door to write one. These facts are very good at contributing to my posting delinquency.

My blogging habit is non-existant, my view is hazy, my topic is unclear. What exactly am I doing with my minute piece of cyberspace?


That's right, nothing. Why? Because the over-arching theme of my life is that I failed miserably at it. I never finished it and I have no follow-through.

Perhaps I shall blog every now and again, about, things, and learn where this blog wants to go....but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.


Ellen said...

Why on earth would you stress about not being able to add yet another demand to an already busy life. Do you know blogging didn't exist before you were born? I bet you did. And are you aware that millions, dare i say billions, of people have lived blissful lives, laughing, working, screwing, shouting, and generally just BEing. And not one of them worried about their blog. You haven't finished by a long shot, so you can in no way be a failure. No body fails life, we all graduate. Even me. Even you, whether you blog or not.

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