Things every girl (not just for the single ones) should have: Why MSN is full of crap, and there is more to life than the next boy...

Firstly I must cite a couple of sources:
1. MSN's Article which spawned this topic
2. This entry on Pink Haired Girl

Now I shall compile my own (moderately pirated) version of this list:

1. Porn: trust me on this one girls!
2. Steel-toed boots: bonus points for any color besides black and brown
3. Books: on many topics, also other reading material such as periodicals
4. A vibrator.
5. Friends that you like for reasons other than their sex and gender.
6. A box of condoms.
7. A voter’s registration card
8. A reliable car. Nobody with a good car needs to be justified. (Even better, reliable public transportation)
9. A list of goals. Not necessarily corporate goals or plans to rule the earth. Just stuff you want to accomplish for yourself
10. a toolkit (bonus here for color that is feminine)
11. comfortable underwear: because a guy who is not turned on by white cotton underware doesn't watch enough porn and therefore is unlikely to be good in bed.
12. enough sense of self so that she can make her home comfortable for herself…and not design it around the presumed proclivities of potential mates
13. A two-headed dildo or a good strap-on: a sure-fire test of his flexibility and openness.
14. Lots of fresh produce. Extra points for mangoes.
15. A do-it-yourself mentality.
16. Compact mirror and floss(picks) for picking crap out of your teeth: no matter how much self confidence you have, you still look like a newb if you have spinach in your teeth.
17.Fun pajamas.
18. A matching bra & panty set that makes you feel sexy: because you should be sexy for YOU not him. ON YOUR TERMS.
19. A white down comforter (for comforting)
20. A thick journal and fountain pen on the night table: even a scrap of paper and pencil will do.
21. A close friend who would help you move and bury bodies if needed.
22. A membership to AAA. The membership to AA is optional.
23. A passport
24. Knows how to play pool, poker and blackjack: bonus points if you're good!
25. An emergency pint of Ben and Jerry's to get you through tough times: or a number for B&J delivery!
26. Mace, pepper spray, AND a rape whistle (and I'm talking for loveplay, not for protection)
27. A really good set of sheets. (For you, not "him."): to put under the down comforter.
28.Your own set of balls, so you don't need to wait around for someone to hold your hand when there's something new that you're dying to try, like finally get that tattoo, jump out of a plane, scuba dive, kiss a girl...etc.
29. good quality kitchen ware: cooking skills are even better!
30. A couple of sexy and reliable pair of jeans
31. A belief: any belief really will do.
32. A sense of direction or constant acccess to a map: getting lost is lame.
33. google reader: wean yourself from your addiction to TV news. Read Feeds.
34. The ablitly to change a tire.
35. GOOD CREDIT: if this is news to you....um...well.... good luck living.
36. Money in Savings: For rainy (or sunny) days.
37. A Mag light: for selfdefence and emergencys two is better. one at home and one in the car.

That's enough for now. What do you think. Did I miss a few. Leave me your answers!