Blogging for Summer

I miss this blog. My life exploded (as lives will) and I just... stopped. The only thing in my life that is still the same is my apartment and my kitties. Different friends, different job, different guy.

Time to get back to blogging.

My inspiration for this comeback is twofold. Firstly, I miss it. Secondly a friend of mine from an old job was in town a couple of weeks ago and gave me the address to her Blogger blog, and it really made me want to give this another shot.

As a good blogger I will link to her blog for you, because I believe it has a lot of potential and that if you enjoy mine you will enjoy hers. Orange Peels

Well it feels good to be back, even if I still don't have a lot to say.

Current Obsessions:
Girl Talk
Puzzle Quest
My New Piercings
Alton Brown