self-help blogs: my newest addcition

So, There is something evil about google reader. It makes it so easy to read dozens of blogs everyday. AND if you find a couple really good blogs on a subject you love then they usually link to other related blogs you will also love and then you end up with a dozen blogs all on the same subject. For me this subject is self improvement or as I have adopted; Life Hacks. It is interesting and useful to have a bunch of varied but similar views on life and how to work it. There are so many things I have read that I was astonished by and must read about 10 more times before I am satisfied. Here is a list of all of my "starred" google reader posts that are about life hacks. Most are from www.lifehack.org.
  1. The very simple secret to a happy marriage
  2. 5 little ways to show your love
  3. Believe it or not your beliefs affect the physical world
  4. 7 control points to curb the flow of negative energy into your life
  5. 22 ways to maximize your opportunity in life
  6. 12 ways to boost your positive energy
  7. 13 tricks to motivate yourself
  8. How to fail at practically anything
  9. Build a reading family: how to share reading with your kids
  10. 6 reasons why it makes sense to arrive early
  11. Eighteen ways to invest in your life
  12. Tapping into the fountain of youth
  13. Nine ways to live the lifestyle of a champion
  14. Master the simple science of positive thinking
  15. How to build a reliable work ethic
  16. Can you catch productivity
See what I mean. It's amazing!

On a side note I have almost finished "Joy Luck Club" by Amy Tan and it is WONDERFUL!!!