i phone, wii, the future of technology

So I have been seeing a lot of hype about apples new iphone which seems to be revolutionizing smart phones. It can anticipate what you're trying to type which minimizes errors on the touch screen, it's selling like hot cakes and it's got the letter 'i' attached to it. There are a couple of marketing hooks I have noticed that no matter what they're applied to, they will increase sales. One of these is the color pink. Examples include the Zune, RAZR, ipod NANO, Kodak camera, and Nintedo DS Lite. The other is adding 'i' to it. Apple has been throwing their copyrighted letter all over the place. So now everything has an i attached to it or it comes in pink. Even Nintendo's new and super popular Wii has an i. It has 2!!! No wonder it is selling so well. It is just unusual that America is so caught up by two random marketing strategies that even a kindergartener would understand. Color, Letter. I admit, I like my pink RAZR, mostly because it is pink, and I like the pink case I have for my sansa. I also use igoogle over my yahoo. I must have fallen prey to the marketing ploys of corporate America. Shame on me