20 days later...

I am surprised to discover that a mere 20 days have passed since I blogged last. It truly feels like an eternity. So many things have happened this month which have kept me running around like a teenager (ha ha, I am still only 19 after all). A few highlights of the last month;
  1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. read it, loved it, will certainly review it here soon.
  2. Friday July 13th; got a job, got a job interview, got promoted at my current job. Very lucky day for me.
  3. Monday July 30th; got fired from my job for sexual harassment. Accidentally brushing a lesbian's ass in passing is a fireable offense it seems. This happened a mere day before I was supposed to start training to be a server. Life is not without irony it seems.
  4. Saturday July 7th; My insurance gets canceled.
  5. Friday July 27th; I find out my insurance is canceled, about 3 days before I need to refill my Lexapro prescription.
  6. My internet has been working (before today) about 25% or less of the time.
  7. I downloaded a virus on my computer
  8. My fiancee got the beginnings of pneumonia and a massive bacterial infection.
  9. I cleaned my car
  10. I went fishing twice
  11. Tried to appeal for independent financial status so I can go to school, and was told that my reason was not valid and the government doesn't care.
  12. Discovered that even two classes at the ridiculously cheap community college here will cost me 600$ plus books.
  13. When I had free schooling in high school I dropped out and now that I want to go to school I cannot afford it.
  14. I don't have a job (looking for help?)
  15. Had to pay 78 USD for a shiny sticker to put on my license plate.
  16. Got about 100 USD refunded from my bank for over draft fees. (yes!)

So yeah, that is a brief overview of the last 20 days.

Aren't you glad you're not me?

Read Harry Potter.


Get Educated