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Blogs I Like and Why:
a compendium of neat blogs that I have discovered in the past.

1. Ooh Shiny - This is a blog that updates frequently and is a bunch of random but always neat and unique things. Usually they have some aesthetic value and they're all linked to the website you can buy them at. A great way to discover new places to spend money!

2. Offbeat Bride - I am getting married some time in the near (ish) future and found this book and the accompanying website to be both relieving and helpful for the wedding process but done so untraditionally and so 'offbeat' that it primarily serves to remind me that I don't have to conform to all of the wedding 'musts' that society has tried to force down my neck. If you have ever been to a 'cookie-cutter' wedding and felt like it was really missing some flavor, then please check out the book and blog.

3. Things Look Like Things - This is a beautiful blog that is all about perspective and common threads. You have to see it to understand why I love it so much.

4. One Red Paperclip - this blog is inspiring and unique. It's an experiment designed to overcome the restrictions of capitalism and cost and emphasizes the importance of personal value.

5. Hungry For A Month - This is a blog about success and hunger. Cost and value. How many calories can a dollar buy you and can you really survive THANKSGIVING without gorging!?! This blog has the answers. It chronicle's an experiment where a man budgets only 30 dollars for food for the month of November. He can only spend that much and can only eat free food if it would be readily available to everyone. A must read!

These are the blogs I'm crazy about right now... There will be more in the future I am sure, but these really stood out from the crowd and I thought I would share them.

I discovered most of these blogs from stumble upon which is the best web surfing tool on the internet. It is a tool bar that you specify your interests and then just click, and 'stumble' onto a random website within your scope of chosen interests. It is fantastic. There is also a 'channel' that will send you to random sites on your favorite website like myspace, blogger, flikr etc.

Also here, for no reason at all is an awesome picture.

from HERE on FLIKR

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Anonymous said...

A book that I found very helpful when planning our wedding was "How to Have the Wedding You Want (Not the One Everybody Else Wants You to Have)" by Danielle Claro. It definitely helped us maintain our sanity.

Being married is much better than getting married, imo. (9 years, as of yesterday.)